How do I set up semantic completion?

See the semantic completion guide.

Why do you say TabNine is "simple"?

  1. TabNine works for all programming languages.
  2. TabNine does not require any configuration in order to work.
  3. TabNine does not require any external software (though it can integrate with it).
  4. Since TabNine does not parse your code, it will never stop working because of a mismatched bracket.

My project isn't a Git or Mercurial repository. How can I make TabNine index it?

Add a file named .tabnine_root to the root of your project directory. TabNine respects .tabnineignore, .gitignore, .hgignore, and .ignore files.

How do I disable automatic updates?

Type TabNine::disable_auto_update into your text editor. You should see an autocompletion suggestion confirming that automatic updates are disabled.

I don't like the message in the autocomplete popup telling me that I can upgrade to index more files.

You can disable it by typing TabNine::hide_promotional_message. The popup only exists to ensure users are aware the paid version exists.

Is there a risk that TabNine will leak my source code?

No. TabNine makes web requests only for the purposes of downloading updates and validating registration keys. Your code is not sent anywhere, even to TabNine servers.

Can I use TabNine on multiple machines?

Licenses are per-user, rather than per-machine, so you can use TabNine on as many computers and operating systems as you wish with your license.

How does TabNine detect file encodings?

All files are decoded as UTF-8. If a file is not valid UTF-8, it will not be indexed.

What language is TabNine written in?

TabNine is 14,000 lines of Rust.

In recognition of the fact that TabNine could not exist without the Rust ecosystem, TabNine's paid features are always enabled when completing Rust code.

Why is it called TabNine?

When using the Sublime Text client for TabNine, the keyboard shortcut to select the ninth suggestion is Tab+9.

Here are some other names which were duly considered:

  • TabTab
  • CodeBuddy
  • Say Yes to the Keypress (SYT²KP)
  • Dieter the Autocompleter